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Re: Poor Coupe Mileage

Have you changed the air filter?  Is the cat. converter in good shape? 
Are there any other obstructions to the intake/exhaust systems?  Or are
you driving everywhere at Mach speeds?  That tends to suck down dead
dinos like they were going out of style.  [8^)


`86 CGT (Undergoing rhinoplasty)
`82 Coupe (R.I.P.)

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998 23:14:25 -0600 Jeremiah Curry
<jeremiahcurry@sprintmail.com> writes:
>Fellow Audi-Fans,
>    I am only getting 12 miles per gallon from my 1984 coupe GT.  This
>is after changin the oil (Valvoline Dura-Blend) and getting a tuneup.
>Does anybody have any ideas as to what could be the problem.  It seems
>to run fine other than that.
>Any help greatly appreciated
>Jeremiah Curry