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Re: Beating the PS pump...

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:

> This happens because you're "beating" the power steering pump and running
> out of assist.  It's common on the '85 through '87 cars and switching to
> Redline's synthetic PS fluid helps ... really, though, the only way to deal
> with it is to drive more smoothly, something that comes with practice and
> experience.  After a while, I bet you don't even notice it (except on
> something like a nine-cone slalom, which is hopeless).

        Hmm, I thought of this but upon further test drives it only hapens
in one direction and I can not reproduce the symptoms in other Audi 4kq's
that I have tried it on.  This is only two others that I have tried
though.  BUt the fact that it only hapens iin one direction, while turning
left I think, makes me think that I have a problem.  WIll flushing and
replacing the filter cure this.  I have Mobil 1, synthetic ATF in my
Garage that I planed on using.
        Also, and things to look out for when flushing system.  As I
understand it, drain it. Replace filter.  Fill it.  Crank engine a few
timres.  fill, crank, fill, crank untill no diference.  Start engine, let
idle for a bit.  Stop fill, start car, drive, stop, fill agina.  Done.

> Good luck with your project.

	Thanks.  I'll need it.  

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