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Re[2]: Looking to buy a '98/'99 A4 (A6 design change)

The *NEW* S4 may have HID lamps, I dont know.  BUt in 1992 when the
origninal S4 come out it had the same lights that are on the A6.  Great
lights.  Not HID's by any means, at least I wouldn't think so but
comparable to my Euro lights.  Nece system.  Driving light/High beam, low
beam, and fog are all integrated into same sytem.  Projector beam Fogs and
lows with larghe reflector highs.  
	L8R and hope that helps

Todd Phenneger
84' 4kq (Mine) - WIth H1/H4 Euros
96' A6  (DAD's)- STock and great
87' 4kq (Girlfriends)- stock lights and cr*ppy.

From: awoolhouse@zetex.com
Subject: Re[2]: Looking to buy a '98/'99 A4 (A6 design change)

     Hello? 95A6 has S4 headlights???? Surely some mistake????

     Can this really be true? Unless I've stumbled headlong into the well
     laid trap, isn't the S4 equipped with HID lamps?

     Big Al
     85 URQ
     95 A62.6V6

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