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Fantastic Lights - Super White PIAA Bulbs...

Pseudo-HID update:

I just installed Super-White PIAA H4 and H3 bulbs in my Euro lights. They are
stock wattage but have output equivalent to 100/110 for the H4, and 100 for
the H3. (I think that's accurate).

They are a substantial improvement over stock, and they are amazingly close to
HID in appearance. The bulb has a bit of a light purple tint to it (when
looking at it in the shipping box, not when it's on), but the light is a
bright white, non-blue emission that is an amazingly close approximation of
HID. There is still really too much yellow in the spectrum (it is a filament
after all) to be as good as HID, but it is a very substantial improvement from
regular old Halogen bulbs.

I bought them from Jeff Murchet at Overlander (800-288-4068).  No interest,
yada yada. Jeff is a QCUSA member (90 CQ) and had said there might be a
possibility of a discount with a group purchase, but this is something he'd
have to speak to his boss about. 

H4 = $70 for the set: PA 15660
H3 = $25 each: PA 15455
Not available in any other sizes to my knowledge.

Expensive, but worth it, particularly if you are ordering new Euros and needed
to buy new bulbs anyway (anyone want my 1 year old std. Halogen bulbs, real
cheap? I have no use for them now.) They purportedly last a lot longer than
standard Halogen as well. 

The Euros actually use H1's, but H3 is identical except that the metal base
flange must be bent a little to fit right. Not a big deal at all. A pair of
pliers is all you'll need. 

Bottom line this is the best of the pseudo-HID lights I've seen to date. They
actually have merit beyond cosmetics. Traffic really clears out with the
high-beams, too. They are impressive.



Phil Ackley wrote:
> Brett:
> What is the latest arrangement on the Eurolights.  I have not seen an update
> for awhile and was curious as to what the planned next move is?
> Thanks,
> Phil