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Re: Ordering Keys from code number?

Interesting, my local dealer took my code, and cut a key for me right then 
and there. Cost: $25 big ones, and it worked worse than the worn one I 
already had...

One thing I learned the hard way: you can get the key code off either front 
door handle, and you only need to remove the two screws holding it on to 
get the number (it's at the end furthest from the trigger, written on the 
underside). My dealer insisted that I bring the handle to him, which was a 
nightmare to reinstall...

87 4kq

Date:	Tue, 28 Jul 1998 21:42:38 -0400
From:	Steve Manning <stephenm@ix.netcom.com>
Subject:	Re: Ordering Keys from code number?

>Steve, yes you could simply have key made accoring to the code, but most
>dealers don't like to do this.

Hmmm, my dealer had no problem doing this....it was actually pretty cool,
the Audi part # incorporates the key code; that's how you order it.  It
took a few days to get, but was worth it.  You get the real Audi key, made
of the harder, longer lasting metal rather than that normal soft (bronze?)
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