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Re: oh well! (kaboom), No Audi Content

Many CT stations still have these auto pump features, which are great in 
the winter.

I was able to watch an absent minded BMW driver put the detaching hose to 
work after she left the nozzle attached to her car, drove off, and entered 
traffic with an attendant running down the street after her. I imagine the 
hose costs a few bucks.

I love learning from other people's mistakes...  =)

87 4kq

Date:	Tue, 28 Jul 1998 19:54:58 -0400
From:	"Christopher J. Ritchie" <cjr1@gte.net>
Subject:	oh well! (kaboom), No Audi Content

Some years ago (70s, 80s), at a self-service gasoline station on 
Commonwealth Avenue in the Brighton section of Boston, a thief filled his 
tank late at night and hurriedly drove off without paying.  Or waking the 
attendant who slept for hours during and after this.  The pump had been 
locked on to pump without a human hand holding it.  When the nozzle came 
out of the car's tank fill and hit the ground, it continued to pump 
gasoline at full volume for many hours until this situation was discovered. 
 The station was high on a hill and in a heavily populated residential 
area.  Thousands of gallons of gasoline drained into the street catch basin 
("sewer").  It then spread throughout the street drain pipes in the 
neighborhood.  It did not explode or catch fire.  But boy, was the Fire 
Department worried for a while!
I have not seen those devices which allow unattended pumping on gasoline 
pump nozzles at self-serve stations anywhere for some time now.  I do see 
language on the pump hose which states something to the effect that it will 
separate and shut off if it is pulled (Such as when someone inadvertently 
drives off with the nozzle in the car's gasoline fill.).