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Re: Looking to buy a '98/'99 A4.

In a message dated 98-07-27 12:58:22 EDT, you write:

 I'm in the market for a '98 or '99 A4, and had a few questions.  
 First off, when is the next big model change supposed to happen 
 for the A4 line?  I'd hate to buy the car now and find out that
 the model's going to change two years from now (I'm planning on
 keeping the car about 3-4 years).  
 Also, what kind of a discount can I expect from the dealers?  
 I'm near Boston, and I've visited the Brookline dealership, but
 they were complete jerks about a test drive or even giving out
 pricing, but I'm hoping to find a more hospitable dealership

Have you tried Rietzl Porche Audi in Norwell? A friend of mine ,Jeff Akasten
is the sales manager there 781-871-0777. There seems to be an abundance of 5
speed A 4 avants that are priced right. the 1.8's 5speeds are in short suppy
and there seems to be not a lot of 2.8's

I thinks the list addressed the model change issues pretty well already.

Dave Flagg
So burlington, VT
96 A4 Q
95 A6 Q