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Re: '87 5ktqw driveline backlash?

todd@qualmedoregon.com wrote:
> > Morning,
> > Not sure if I have a problem or not on a '87 5kcstqw with 226K miles.
> > In second and first when slowing down the car jurks to a slow. You have
> > to push clutch in to stop the jurking. Engine runs fine it is all in the
> > driveline/transmission. Bought the car 3 months ago and noticed it
> > somewhat, now my daughter has driven it a month and when I drove it last
> > weekend noticed it was happening more often. Any imput on where to look.
> > Noted transmission output shaft seal is weeping.
> > thanks,
> > Rod Michaelson
> > '95 90csq
> > '91 90cs
> > '87 5kcstqw
> > '98 chevy k1500
> I noticed the same with my '86 5kcs tq.  It has 178k miles,
> and has been like that ever since I bought it about 10k
> miles earlier.  I assumed it was a result of all the slop
> in the quattro system and differentials combined.  The guy
> I got it from is a private dealer specializing in VW/Audi,
> and he just nodded when I mentioned my theory, but maybe
> he was just agreeing to keep me satisfied.  It even
> happens, to a much lesser extent, in my '84 4ksq.  I used
> to think an automatic would lessen the phenomenon, but my
> wife has a knack for jerking her FWD auto (not Audi) by
> backing off the clutch hard on the freeway. :P  I admit,
> it is a pain having to hit the clutch every time you
> decelerate, and it is part of the reason I am selling my
> 5k.
> Anyway, if this phenomenon can be lessened, I'm all ears
> too.
When the torque shifts from engine driven  to momentum from driving
wheels(thru mass and body weight) many parts need to maintain
longitudinal integrity. 
Rear diff mounts
Drive shaft bearing
Tranny and engine mounts.

If engine does not loose RPM's below 800 and cycles ,engine's role is
probably acceptable. Rapid and sudden depression and release of throttle
should not show RPM's below 7 to 800.
If it does ...idle control, vacuum , idle switch, decel shut-off, and/or
dash/pot on throttle plate actuator.
Has IDLE ADJ. SCREW and/or HOME POSITION of Throttle plate been changed
 part Engine mounts,