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Driving lights/Re: help with a speeding ticket and cool driving story stuff...

Makes me want to mount up some big 'ol lights high up on my Yakimas just
to get even with the SUV's. I certainly don't stop in the middle of the
raod like that Miata driver did to Michael when I get a mirror full of
SUV height lighting. I just leave them behind. The Miata driver should
know that they have a low car and deal with it. Or go get an SUV.
Sorry, I'm ranting,

Gerard van Vaugh wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm bored at work; this must be the most messages I've
> sent to the list in one day for months now. :)
> This is turning out to be an interesting little thread
> about using more lights up front for normal driving. :)
> If it helps you see better without getting in
> other motorists' way then I say use it. But how low
> are those Miatas? I only see a few around here. Nice
> little runabouts/roadsters, aren't they 1.8 litre
> motors? They're quite low aren't they?