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Re: Welcome to quattro

Not safe if you don't wear your seatbelts. Scratch one princess in an
A8. Haven't seen any crash test data on V-8's either. I would think the
V-8's would be pretty good though. I know that my '91 200 tq has
seatbelt tensioners, but no side air bags. New cars should be safer, but
not always. My 1980 VW rabbit had no lap belts. 1979 did. Apparently in
the US in 1980, if the car had passive restraints and a certain amount
of kneeboard padding, it wasn't required to have lap belts. I added lap
belts to my wabbit.

> Does anyone know where I could find crash test results for '90 Audi V8's?
> I have looked everywhere (including the NHTSA and the insurance industry
> pages) and they seem to totally skip it.  I am sure that they must have
> been tested, because cars must be tested before being sold in the U.S.
> Has anyone had or heard of anyone getting into an accident in an Audi V8
> and, if so, how did they perform?  I assume that they must be extremely
> safe, but I would really appreciate some quantitative data.  Thanks.
> -Brock Husby