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RE: For the Audi Cause...


Someone recently posted AoA comments regarding underpowered chassis.  The S4
is due to arrive next year and IS too small.....unless of course you
consider it the closest thing audi has to a coupe, in which case you can
overlook the rear leg room ;-).

However, the A6 is due to arrive with the same V6 bi-turbo engine as the S4,
a rather significant increase in power.  My understanding is that this model
is NOT the S6, rather audi is working on a V8 variant for the S6.

So you may want to ask the AoA about dat.  BTW, (restatement) the S4 order
sheet is NOT in US dealer hands yet, although other MY '99 stuff is.  Wonder
if that new engine option is on the sheet for the A6?

Derek Daily
90 CQ
86 VW qsw

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> His first choice would be a Quattro, but the A6 is too low-powered 
> for him and the S4 too small.  He's dreaming of an S6 but I haven't 
> heard any forecasts about the possibility recently.  Any scuttlebutt 
> on that possibility?