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Re: New Throttle Switch = New Car

>Subject says it all.  Nice to get full boost more than intermittently.
>Thanks to Scott Mockry and his web page.  As he says, if it is old,
>replace it.  _Best_ $40 I have spent in a long, long time.
Heh.  Try the one in the 200q20v.  $400+
Idle switch and potentiometer.

Luckily, the previous owner replaced it right before I bought it, so he
soaked the cost of it, not me.  Turns out the car didn't need it,
either...bad WGFV, which the ECU thought was a bad throttle sensor.

My mechanic:
"Oh, hey.  You're lucky.  Not an inexpensive part in the entire car."
(this was shortly after buying the car.)

91 200q20v

Brett Dikeman
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