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Re: A4 30V Leather Sport Seats


I've had them on all my A4's.  The last one (presently w/out A4) took me on
numerous 140-150 mph trips.

Get the sports seats, you'll never regret it.  They are much more
comfortable IMHO on long drives with added support as an extra bonus. 
You'll need that support with the 240+ horsepower and fat 18" rubber...

Oops, I forgot you are looking at the 2.8.  I guess it'll suffice.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
ex-Abt A4 1.8T quattro (240hp)
A6 2.5TDI Tiptronic (150hp) on the driveway tonite

> From: Luke Sponholz <Luke.Sponholz@iscorp.bellatlantic.COM>

  -- snip --

> I have seen these seats.  As I am a fairly narrow person, I fit well in
> them.  They look a little odd, and I wonder how comfortable they are on
> long trips (one of the things I love the most is taking a good long 100
> MPH trip).