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Re: A4 30V Leather Sport Seats

If you read my post on "Bad Day for Audi A4", you will see that I am
finding out that the 2.8L V6 is the car to get, specially if you want to

At 03:08 PM 8/3/98 -0400, Luke Sponholz wrote:
>Sport seats?  Should I get them, or not?
>I need a car that is good all around.  Good for around town..
>comfortable on long trips, and possibly in the future, a competitor in
>AutoX events.
>I have seen these seats.  As I am a fairly narrow person, I fit well in
>them.  They look a little odd, and I wonder how comfortable they are on
>long trips (one of the things I love the most is taking a good long 100
>MPH trip).
>Any ideas / suggestions?  Thanks...

Mike Z