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Re: Old School Audis

> wrecking yards down here.  It's a 1979 two-door Audi Fox with what
> appears to be a stock sportscar-like three spoke steering wheel.  I know
> it's stock because the horn button has a perfectly fitting Audi medallion
> in it.  I didn't know Audi ever made such steering wheels.  Needless to
> say, I bought it for the measly $10 and am planning on installing it in
> my CGT.  That is, after I get it wrapped in leather.  And whenever I get

Sounds like you found a Fox GTi.The Fox GTi was an Audi Fox with
stiffer suspension, that steering wheel, and sports seats. I think it had
the same engine.

I bought the seats and steering wheel from one about 15 years ago. The 
steering wheel has been on my Coupe GT, and currently graces my 5kcstq. 
The rings in the horn button are a nice touch.  

It was never feasible to use that steering wheel on the coupe, as they turned
the horn mechanism around. But it's the same as the 5ks, and so just as
soon as I can find the horn button contact wires and put them back in the
steering wheel, I'll have a working horn again. 

Also, the dog that clicks-off the turn signals is in the right position, but is
not long enough to reach; I've an extension in mind. But it's on the opposite
side of where the Coupe's turn-signal-deactivating mechanism is.

So while it will look nice on the Coupe, it looks and works well on a 5k.

Nice find! Few of those left, I'd guess, although the same steering wheel
was used for some VWs (a Scirocco, for example) but had the Wolfsburg
logo in it instead of the four rings.

hth, -doug q
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