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Re: 944turbo v. ur-q

Sorry!  I should have clarified in my comments that I did not mean disrespect 
to any Porsche owners on the Q-list.  If you're here, then without a doubt the 
stereotype doesn't apply to you.  And I have utmost respect for the cars (as I 
also said in my last post.)  But my comment _was_ inferring a "negative 
connotation".  Ever since I've been dealing with cars, "Porsche guys" have been 
a "different breed".  The "gold chain" crowd does cause part of this, but the 
overall arrogance of Porsche owners as a group is a primary culprit. (And I'll 
freely admit that marque jealousy plays a role as well.) Go to any multi-make 
car show and ask owners of other marques their opinion of Porsche owners.

 I'll be the first to admit that the Porsche stereotype is just that: a 
stereotype. Not fair, but not completely unearned, either. Phil's comment said 
it best.  If a Porsche driver cuts somebody off, it's attributed to arrogance.  
Drivers of other makes (like Audi's) typically get  the benefit of the doubt . 
The public sees it that way and so does law enforcement.  Screw up in a 
Porsche, you get no leeway. Owning both an Audi and a Porsche, I'd be very 
surprised if you haven't noticed this.

So, sorry to have offended you, but IMO the "baggage" that comes with driving a 
Porsche is very real... and detracts from the experience of owning and driving 
one of the greatest cars ever built. 

 Bill Elliott