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RE: 944turbo v. ur-q (stereotypes)

Pete:  <<We, of all people, should understand the pleasantly irrational
(if not mildly insane) vicissitudes that afflict our choice of vehicles and
make generous allowances for those whose attractions inexplicably
differ from our own.>>

....so you're saying it's okay that I own a Trabant?.... ;-)

Frank:  << I do think that on the street, the bell curve is flatter, containing 
more buttheads, simply because there are more posers - people who only drive 
what they do for the status and think they're hot s___ because they do an 
occasional wild and wooly offramp, but never do their talking on a track. But 
this is true of most groups. >>

I completely agree with Frank.  I have rarely met anyone at the track with
an arrogant attitude... but guess what the few that I  _did meet_  drove....
Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI