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K26 "clicking"...whadupwiddat?

In message <9807301139.AA109052558@acenet.co.za> "Gerard van Vaugh" writes:
>    What in the region of the turbo location on the
>    10V 200 can be the source of the clicking?

>    If this is clicking from the turbo then would
>    this normally mean some part is making contact
>    with the housing or perhaps the shaft is
>    slightly bent and causing a offset motion of
>    some sorts? Or could this just mean the bearings
>    are worn out and causing play on the shaft?

>    Sometimes, pull off from a stop at a constant
>    pedal position and RPM and there will be a
>    sudden surge after a few seconds. This is
>    accompanied (sometimes) by that lovely whine
>    from upfront. This will then die off. A kind
>    of feeling that the thing is breaking free
>    from sort of catch point.

Impellor retaining nut dropped off and bouncing off the blades, waiting
for that magic moment when it leaps in, stops the turbo (and the car)
dead, and fills the street with a cloud of black smoke?

 Phil Payne
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