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5K TQ - Rear Suspension Wear Item Part Numbers and Descriptions

A fellow lister asked if I had this information and whether I would
mind compiling it.  I sent it to him directly but thought other might
want it as well.


As promised here is the list of items I replaced.  Unfortunately Mr.
Bentley refers to almost all items as "bonded rubber bushing" so I'll
be as descriptive as possible.  If anything is unclear let me know
and I'll try to further clarify.

One caveat is that I have the later model type 44 quattro with the
bolt on the trap. arm as opposed to the earlier that had a stud.

Part Number         Description 
===========         =========== 
443 511 247 D       These bushings are used for the "support" PN 443511329B.
                    The "support" is a $200+ per side item.  The bushings are
                    $10 each.  You need a total of 4.  The dealer will
                    not find these on his fiche.  This part number
                    is courtesy of Igor Kessel.  It works.  I just
                    did it.  The "support" holds the front of the trap.
                    arm to the frame.

443 505 171 F       This is the bushing that is in the wheel bearing

443 505 171 F       This is the bushing that goes in the pivot mount
                    for adjusting toe.  I did not replace this one.
                    Yes it really is the same as the one in the wheel
                    bearing housing.

443 505 351 P       Transverse Link Complete.
443 505 352 P

443 511 523 B       This is the large bushing that is in the trap.
                    arm where it secures to the crossmember.

183 199 381 A       Rear Diff. support bushings

I ordered all of these parts from Greg@GPR with the exception of the
transverse link.  This I ordered from Eric@VWParts.  Eric's price was
about $100 less per side than anybody else I tried.


Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 261K Miles