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Re: Headlight Brightener

> They also sell a regulated power supply for amplifiers etc, that will always
> provide a given voltage at the terminals, i.e. 13.5 volts, regardless of
> battery voltage (in a given range). Thus 11.1 volts at the battery? 13.5
> volts after the regulated power supply.
> This would be nice to have on the heavy draw headlamps. Remember the
> equation for amperage draw? Total wattage divided by voltage equals amps
> drawn. Thus a setup such as this would not only yield brighter bulbs in a
> given application (while also factoring out voltage fluctuations while the
> lights are on, radiator fans, wipers, etc.) but would also lower the amps
> drawn.

Due to the losses in the power supply it would actually use more
current.  TANSTAAFL

oh and the wattage is not a constant, the voltage available and the
filament resistance are the independent variables here, current and
hence wattage dependent on them...

Huw Powell


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