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Re: Headlight Brightener

They also sell a regulated power supply for amplifiers etc, that will always
provide a given voltage at the terminals, i.e. 13.5 volts, regardless of
battery voltage (in a given range). Thus 11.1 volts at the battery? 13.5
volts after the regulated power supply.

This would be nice to have on the heavy draw headlamps. Remember the
equation for amperage draw? Total wattage divided by voltage equals amps
drawn. Thus a setup such as this would not only yield brighter bulbs in a
given application (while also factoring out voltage fluctuations while the
lights are on, radiator fans, wipers, etc.) but would also lower the amps

I however have a custom harness coming straight from the alternator. So far
I've had zero concerns with premature bulb failure as well as any dimming
(560 watts on high w/ driving lights) when other equipment powers up.

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Subject: Re: Headlight Brightener

>>I was reading my September (?) edition of "Four Wheeler" magazine
>>and came across a product description for something called a
>>"Headlight Brightener". Apparently this is a wiring set with relays
>>that brings full alternator voltage to your headlights through a
>>series of relays.
>>Sounds VERY familar, doesn't it.
>Yhea.  It's called a headlight wiring harness :)
>Like calling motor oil a "engine de-frictioner"
>Not a lie, but completely bass-ackwards name to confuse people.
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