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Re: Audi in Machine Design Editorial

Smith, Kirby A wrote:

> Please see:
> http://www.penton.com/md/edit/rked/rked041698.html
> for a chuckle.

 I can agree with some of the points. I went to the Twin Cities
auto show and looked at the new cars. Lets see, I sat down in
the "new" Intrepid, very nice looking car from the outside, but
inside was a joke. Not the amount of room, that was fine, but
at 6 foot 3 inches tall, the top of the windshield was at eye
level, I would have to sit back 2 car lengths from stoplights
just to be able to see them. On the other hand, I sat in a new A4
without the moonroof, and even with the seat fully straight up
I had head room! I thought hey this is nice, GREAT looks and
plenty of headroom, with a windshield that I can actually see
out of. Not too hard to figure out what my next vehicle will
be.  I also think the new Chrysler 300M is a nice looking car,
but it suffers from the same lack of forward visibility as the
Intrepid. They can keep their American cars, I'll stick with my
Audi. Call me unpatriotic, but until Detroit grabs its ears and
pulls its head out of its ass, I'll stick with German cars.

Just my $.03

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