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Re: Hydraulic Clutch Bleeding Made Simple

Scott Fisher wrote:

> 2.  Attach a length of tubing (probably 1/4" rubber hose, clear) to the
> bleed nipple on the clutch slave.  I usually try to slip a box wrench of
> the appropriate size over the slave bleed nipple first, then put the
> rubber hose on, in the theory that if my hands slip off the wrench,
> it'll at least stay on the car.  Half the time, what happens instead is
> that the wrench pulls the rubber tube off the nipple, spattering brake
> fluid everywhere.  Place the free end of the rubber tubing in a suitable
> receptacle, something clear but not breakable, like a plastic
> water-bottle or plastic cup.

If you look around at a parts store you can find said piece of tubing with
a handy-dandy one way valve at one end and a piece of plastic with holes
in it at the other end. The piece of plastic with holes serves to lock the
hose onto the bleeder and the one-way valve helps prevent pulling air
back into the system under ANY circumstances (as long as the hose
doesn't come off the bleeder). I've had this thing for years, best $5
I ever spent, turns a two man job into a one man job.

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