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Re: Anybody ever seen an autostarter that can be paged?

Rusty A. Schlacke wrote:
> girlfriend is getting a new car (sorry, not an Audi, a Chrysler 300M,
> acceptable) and she want to get an auto starter for it.  Problem is,
> where she works, compared to where she parks her car is too far for a
> standard remote.  

Something to think about re: all remotes.
Last night, we went to JFK airport to pick up "the kids" (my so's
daugther and her cousin get to go to France while we stay here).  My
so's brother, he runs a rather fine country club in NY Metro area,
followed us.  As we're walking to terminal, we hear the "chirp" of
someone locking/unlocking a car.  He mentions they had some problems at
his club with car theft.  Seems a theft ring was "capturing" car remote
frequencies for nefarious purposes.

Now you wanna start it too.  Think of the possibilities . . .

MJ Murphy