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Re: Anybody ever seen an autostarter that can be paged?

:Something to think about re: all remotes.
:Last night, we went to JFK airport to pick up "the kids" (my so's
:daugther and her cousin get to go to France while we stay here).  My
:so's brother, he runs a rather fine country club in NY Metro area,
:followed us.  As we're walking to terminal, we hear the "chirp" of
:someone locking/unlocking a car.  He mentions they had some problems at
:his club with car theft.  Seems a theft ring was "capturing" car remote
:frequencies for nefarious purposes.

While it is true that there are code scanners that can pull codes not only out
of the air but often directly from the control box in the car, many
manufacturers have anti-scanning technology built in now.  Some are even using
Digital Signal Processing (similar to the anti-measures on digital phones) that
assign the remotes digital "fingerprints" that are distinct and separate from
the code transmitted.

:Now you wanna start it too.  Think of the possibilities . . .

Well, a properly installed remote starter has many anti-theft features, whether
integrated with an alarm or not.  On mine, for example, if the alarm is
triggered while remote started, the car dies.  If it isn't armed but someone
gets in, as soon as the brake pedal is touched, it dies.  If the hood is opened,
it dies.  The remote starts are actually very safe.  In fact, in high-risk areas
I will remote start before I get to the car.  That way, if someone thinks they
are going to carjack me they will get into the car thinking the keys are in the
ignition.  I could, theoretically, lock the car and set the alarm while vacating
the area.  I have to think about stuff like this as I do end up in some rather
high-crime areas from time to time.

Your mileage may vary.

Best regards,

Michael Lindner