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RE: 255 hp Upgrade... This is more sensable... With 285 lb-ft of torque...

Where is your faith Michael?

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Robert Houk - WorkGroup Server Firmware decided to speak these words:

>   Once i get all the responses for the email i posted earlier...  I will
>   up and Email later tonight describing all the things that need to be
>   to achieve 255 hp...  Also it'll beat the crap out of Mustang Cobra's...
>And the equivilent amount of dollars and parts invested in the Cobra
>will eat you alive...it's damn hard to beat brute force and ignorance...
>and there jes'ain't no subsititute for cubic inches!

Yeah, the 100CS doesnt quite strike me as the kind of car that will "beat
the crap out of Mustang Cobra's"  It is heavier, has taller gearing (i
assume), is a freakin sedan and has an engine almost half the size (well,

Plus even with 255hp/285lb-ft....it still wouldnt make sense that it
could beat the cobra...i dunno...just doesnt seem probable.


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