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Re: Backlight on trip computer problems????

I have a similiar problem with my computer.  I have an '89 200T.  My
problem occured when I pulled the instrument cluster working on another
problem.  When I put it all together again, the backlight stopped working.
I haven't figured what happened and so I'm interested in what comes in as
the solution.  In short I am not much help on this one.

Not to take up BW with nothing usefull, I do know what that allen key
screw does.  If I remember correctly from the bently manuals, it is for
adjusting the fuel gauge.  It is the calibration screw for the needle.

Rahul Singh
89 200T

On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, Chad Frederick wrote:

> Q-List,
> I got some questions about how the the way the computer is backlit on my 
> 86 4kcs Q.  When I first purchased my 4kQ about 5 months ago the trip
> computer backlight when I turned the lights on would not always come on
> with the instrament panel lights.  So I would give it a "little tap" and it
> would then turn on.  Well most recently the "little tap" method has not
> been working.  So, I for the 102nd time had to pull my instrament panel out
> to find out what was wrong.  It is amazing that I never noticed this
> before, but it appears there are 2 bulbs to backlight the trip computer.
> Why are there 2 of these bulbs?  It looks like one of the two bulbs may be
> burned out.  The bulb that looks burned out is the clear one, not the one
> that has the "silvery matallic" color on the inside of the bulb.  
> Now, when I pulled out both of the bulbs and turned on the computer and
> hooked everything back up trying to troulbleshoot I found the computer LCD
> display still worked, but of course no backlight.  Which light bulb then
> lights up the LCD display then?  So I guess my question is, where can I
> buy, (besides the dealer which is a couple of blocks from my apt) a
> replacement bulbs for both of these.  Since that is probably my best bet.
> If anyone has had this problem please let me know.  I feel like this may be
> a tough one since many people probably have not explerienced this problem.
> Man, I hope I do not have a short, damn electrical gremlines.
> Chad Frederick
> 86 4kcs Q (My pride and joy)
> 84 318i (thank god I am selling it tommarrow)
> P.S. I have always kind of wondered, what is the adjustment nob on the face
> of the tachometer that you can access with an allen head, on the out side
> ot the display glass for? (nice run on sentance)