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Re: bmw "ultimate drive"

In message <C4CEA307C9E3D111955900805F9F792F62BF70@exchange.rayovac.com> "Hussey, Dan" writes:

> Very interesting.  I did something similar sponsored by BMW a few years
> back called the BMW "Comparison Test".  In this, they had basically set
> up an autocross track in a big open parking lot (I did this at Stone
> Mountian in Georgia).

> From there we were able to test the top 5 or 6 sports-luxury sedans in
> the price range.  The cars were: Infiniti J30, BMW 325i, Lexus ES300,
> Mercedes C280, and Saab 900.

Kinda says it all.  Which one do you think they were most frightened
of?  Take a guess - it _won't_ be on their list.

I wandered around a BMW dealership stand at Coy's, quietly looking at
an M3.  A salesman 'locked on' and started enthusing about the thing.
I didn't react to any of the technology spiel and he was almost getting
hysterical (no understatement).  He offered to take me for a test drive,
with him behind the wheel.  No interest.  Then he said we could swap
over and _I_ could drive as long as it was out of sight of his
dealership.  I wasn't really interested.  He asked what car I drove,
so I told him.  _His_ turn to lose interest.

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