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Re: bmw "ultimate drive"

Very interesting.  I did something similar sponsored by BMW a few years
back called the BMW "Comparison Test".  In this, they had basically set
up an autocross track in a big open parking lot (I did this at Stone
Mountian in Georgia).  

>From there we were able to test the top 5 or 6 sports-luxury sedans in
the price range.  The cars were: Infiniti J30, BMW 325i, Lexus ES300,
Mercedes C280, and Saab 900.  We were coached a little by Skip Barber
drivers (back when BMW had Skip Barber....now Dodge).  Then we got to
drive each of the cars with the instruction and help of the Skip Barber
instuctors.  It was fun!  We got to do the traction control test, lane
toss, cornering tests, flat out run, braking test, slalom, etc....
Really neat, and I think everyone came out truly impressed with the BMW,
and BMW as a company.  

I at one point got the Lexus sideways on "kitty-litter curve" and wiped
out a few cones.  And, after the event, a nice BMW dealer let me drive
the then-new BMW M3!  In fact, it was the first and only M3 in the state
at the time!  :)

BMW is one company that really stands behind it's cars, and they make
great cars.  At the end of the "Comparison Test" I was asked to fill out
a questionare and rate which car we thought was best for which
characteristic.  I was truthful...i.e. the Infiniti was clearly the
fastest, but overall, I think everyone there agreed that the BMW was the

I am scheduled to do this "Ultimate Drive" tomorow, but what I am
sighned up for sounds entirely different than what you described.  I am
able to drive any one of the new BMW's at the sponsoring dealer
(Zimbrick) and I am to drive it for an hour (I think just on the regular
roads) and for every mile I drive, BMW donates a certian amount of money
to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  It's more a charity
event, but it lets us get to test out a new BMW model, help a charity,
and gives BMW a good name.  The boys in BMW's PR department are doing a
great job!  

I am scheduled to drive a 528i 5spd tomorow at 1pm.  I'll be sure let
you know how it goes!  

I just wish Audi would put on some events like this.  I love Audis, but
I am not very impressed with AoA as a whole.  I think they could be
doing a MUCH better job spreading the word of Audi!

'90 200tq