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RE: procon ten


I don't know a whole lot about the "Procon Ten" system, but I can tell
you it is a great safety system.  It came in all '89-on models.  It
involved some re-engineering of the way the car crumpled on impact.  I
have heard that it uses a system of pulleys or wires that pull the dash,
steering wheel, and other opjects away from the driver in any type of
frontal collision.  

This system was in all Audi 200's, airbag or no airbag.  The driver's
side airbag was offered in late-'89 with the engine updates (the MAC14
ECU and the k24 turbo, etc).  

I'm not sure if this "Procon Ten" system involved any strengthening of
the front end and the chassis, but this car feels like it has a lot less
body flex than the 5000.  This safety system enabled the '90 Audi
100/200 to be the safest car the NHSTA tested that year.  It beat
Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, and Saab for that honor.  

That's about all I know, but it won some major awards for it's safety
engineering.  I'd like to know more about it, so if anyone has any
additional info, please speak up!  

'90 200tq

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> what is this Dan.
> have been looking at a 200q and noticed
> sticker above ignition saying procon ten?
> rgds. 
> Don