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Mounting Hella air horns

I just bought a set of dual Hella air-horns for the Quattro.  

$29 from Imparts.  I couldn't refuse.

I have figured out how to mount the horns, and have one mounted now, but
I can't get one of the old horns out (the $^#(@ bolt is rusted and
siezed up) and I need it out to mount the air compressor.  

But, I will figure out how to get it off the car if I have to break it
off (always option B).  My real question is about the wiring.  Has
anyone put these on thier Audi, and how did the wiring work?  

There are two horns on the car now (FIAMM) and the power runs directly
to the horn.  The new one goes through a relay and powers only the air
compressor.  Hmmm?  Should I just run new wires, or can I use the
existing wiring?  Any help appreciated.

'90 200tq