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Re: Sanity check


Interestingly enough....In the world of auto sound and securtiy, if you
can think of it, it's probably already out there.

They already have alarm sirens with piercing decibels for _inside_  your
car.  Very popular in fact.  A friend of mine has the Code Alarm
SFH....that stands for "Siren From Hell".  Very loud.  

Also, they already have alarms that will page you, or call you if they
go off.  In fact, this was done YEARS ago in older Alpine alarms.  If
you had the top of the line Alpine alarm you could integrate them with
the Alpine cellular phone and it would call you if the alarm went off.

Ahh, back in the excessive 80's....  Anyways, my uncle still has one of
those old Alpine (integratable) cell phones although it isn't working
(buttons sticking).  If anyone were interested in such a set-up, I could
find out if he would sell it (probably cheap) or donate it?

'90 200tq