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outdated software and junky, old cars

Ahh, yes, last year's model.

Works just as well as this year's model, costs half as much. Chrome velour
cup holders (sport version option only) are NOT worth $20,000 to me . . .

Interesting how purple book "establishes" value of cars - lemesee, my 86 5
KS is "worth" far less than my wife's Mzda 323, even though it rides
better, stops better, gets better gas mileage, is FAR better put together,
is more comfortable, is quieter, and generally is all around a superior
device for transportation. Am I missing something here?

Outdated software: According to big blue, there are between 120 and 150
million users of plain old DOS - mostly dedicated business systems and so
forth. MS-DOS ver 6.22 (the last version Microsoft will produce) is NOT
year 2000 compliant. And they don't intend to make it so, either. Microsoft
wants you to buy a 686-233 with 32 megs of RAM and Windows 98 to run (for
instance) a video rental store business, ALL of which fits into nine whole
megabytes (that's megs, not gigs) and lives quite happily on a 386.

Anyway, IBM's PC-DOS 2000 (Dos 7.1) IS year 2000 compliant, and works like
a charm. Above-mentioned video store is getting PC-DOS-2000 from me, and
I'm getting free video tape rentals for the rest of my life.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman