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Re: SUV's

Can't  resist not to comment:

Considering SUV's, I agree that the Explorer, Expedition, Blaz, and some
others  are tinny, and not really trucks, however OK transportation.
Glorified station wagons, obviously the car that they have replaced.
Remember seeing (or driving in the back of) a Ford LTD or Dodge Aspen (ugh)
wagon as a kid?  In the Suburbs you mostly see women driving the SUVS,
sometimes scary with two screaming kids in the back.   The one argument for
an SUV is with the kids and all the extra stuff that goes with it, I would
rather have one than a dreaded Minivan!

I have purchased one, however, not without trying to convince my other half
to go with an A6Q Wagon.
Furthermore, my wife wanted to ride "high up" and liked the styling of the
Land Rover Disco.   It came down to the Disco or Explorer and after the rock
crawling at the dealership, she was sold.  (FYI, the branding of Land Rover
in the US is a study in itself, after the test drive the salesperson takes
you on a rock course in 4wd and explains all the benefits compared to other
trucks, pitch angle, frame strength, 38 degrees actually is impressive).  Of
course I was doing my own selling for an A6Q Avaint, I did not want an
Explorer, her first choice until the test drive.

For a real truck, I have a 1976 restored Bronco,  in a Sept 1965 Popular
Science article and the Bronco and IH scout, the start of naming these
vehicles was Four Wheel Drive Sportsman Vehicles (FWDSV), obviously SUV is
an easier acronym!  My license plate will eventually read REALSUV.

AWD / 4WD coral includes:
94 S4 (fast AWD)
96 disco (better than a minivan)
76 bronco (a real 4wd)