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Re: 90 brakes

The only type 89's with the G60 caliper were the 90/91 CQ's.  The 80/90 (q or
not) came with 54mm pistons in Girlings or Teves on the front, with 22mm
rotors front and 10mm rear (girling 36mm).  Some q's got bigger pistons (38mm)
in the rear, BTW.  The CQ has 25mm front rotors, clamped by 40&45mm pistons
with 13mm pads (same wear limit as others).  The 90q20v (some) may have these
if they have the 15" Speedline rims (G60's use a 276mm rotor, and won't fit
under a 14" rim).  Dunno, Bentley says two different things about the 90q20v.

-Eric Ferguson
'90 CQ 20v
'88 90
'87 5ksq
'87 5ks (4-sale)