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I have a 100 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback and used to also have an even larger
Great Dane. How do you keep the Audi's interior pristine?

You lease a Jeep for the wife. Then you haul all the dogs, dirt, camping
equipment, flowers, trees, bushes, sports gear, picnic supplies, lumber,
hardware, wheels, tires, transmissions, etc., etc., without harming one
grain of leather on the q-mobile.

The large blanket or comforter idea works well.

If you don't use it allot take the rear seat out and throw down a piece of
foam with a blanket over it. There will be more room for Fido (or Maverick
in my case) to boot! This works especially well on long trips with the dogs
where you won't be needing that pesky rear seat.