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Re: synth vs. the environment (Audi content only insofar as it relates to Audi oil changes!)

>>mass-usage like we do today) within most of fellow listers' life time
>>(say, 30-40 years...?).
>Except, correct me if im wrong.  Havent they been saying 30-40 years for 
>the past 30-40 years?

Hmm... No kidding. When I took environmental science class few years ago,
I thought the hand-out I got was few years old. And the thought came to
me... The reserve may well be infinite!


I dug up the text book from the dust bin (Living in the Environment, 8th
ed., Miller, 1994) and went through it. And it sayz in about 30 to 40
years, the petro reserve will be 80% depleted. Miller also went and says
there's probably more undiscovered petro fields that can sustained us for
another 40 years. This undiscovered reserve is, of course, a theory. This
theory assumes there's some more oil in 10km (about 6 miles) below the
surface of the earth.

But the book also talks about the price of digging deeper and deeper.
Simply it costs more money to dig deeper than anyone has ever dug. Thus,
the market will determine if it's financially viable to go after these
deep wells. If the crude oil prices rise to higher level, or the
environmentalists take over the world, then it would definitely kill any
plans of deep diggin' as people looks for alternative fuel and

On the other hand, if the oil countries keep the crude oil's price low,
then the usage of petro may grow exponentially (more than ever before).
This, in turn, requires that oil fields to be found in exponential rate to
feed this Petro Monster. ANd there will cometh a time when the oil
production will simply not enough to keep up with the demand (both in
terms of price and availability).

In both scenerios, the use of petro will fall off -- whether it will last
30-40 years, or to the year 2100. It won't totally die off. The petrollium
production/use may simply co-exist with a newly-established alternative
fuel. And heck, by that time we may be travelling by calling Scottie
anyway, so petrollium may not be that big deal after all.

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