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Re: 80/4K differences/similarities/&the like

George & Deanna Achorn writes:
>     I was reading the new Car magazine, and in the back was a new car guide.
> Reading the Cabriolet section, they mentioned how it was still based on the
> 80 chassis originally developed in the 70s. Does that mean that the Mk 3 80
> or the first 80/90 in the US following the 4Ks was built on the same chassis
> ...

The Cabriolet is based on the 1988-92 80/90 chassis, whose suspension
design is an evolution of the 4000 before it.  Some minor and sundry
small parts may be interchangeable, but nothing major and wholesale.
Sorry.  When they say that the Cabriolet is based on a 70s design,
you need to interpret it loosely...

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