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Re: Audi Sport book...ever heard of it?

 < Dwight Varnes writes:
 > Looking around Amazon.com I found a title "Audi Sport World of Rallying
 > 7", an out-of-print book by Martin Holmes. Anyone have, or ever heard of
 > it, and is it worthwhile?
 > Please cc to my private email if responding to the list.
and Ti adds:
 I have the "Audi Sport World of Rallying 6" volume of this series.
 If you like rallying then these are a must.  It's a beautifully made
 hardcover, each volume with detailed accounts of the International rally
 events for a specific year in the 80s, complete with lots of pictures,
 charts, etc.  It has complete coverage of all the participating marques,
 not just Audi. >>

I'll echo Ti's evaluation of the "series". I've got No 8, and it is indeed
filled with rally trivia/results and an assortment of blk/wht and color photos
of the cars in action. It's published by David Sutton Mo'sports(of werks car
prep fame) and about 150pgs. I'd pick up another just for the advertisements
contained within!

Chris Semple
'87 4000q