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Belt squeel or ??

All this talk about water pumps and idler pullys siezing up have me
thinking...could my apparent belt squeel (access. serpentine belt used on the
v8) be symptomatic of either of the above?  Squeel tends to diminish as soon
as AC compressor is engaged.  Or could the self-adjusting tensioner have lost
its effectiveness?  How would I check individual idler pulleys, hyd pump,
etc.?  Or am I just worrying too much?  Cam and access. belt changed 50k ago.

BTW, I first used a little silicone spray did quit things down for a bit, then
later tried belt squeel spray (sticky/tacky stuff) to no effect -actually
seemed to get worse- which makes me think something is not turning as freely
as it should.  I need advice from the BTDT crowd.


-Ingo Rautenberg
1990 v8q 202,000 miles