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Re: Does anyone know a good fix for a squeaky brake?

>How's it going?
>Well I recently replaced all the pads on my 86 4kcs Q.  The rears I bought
>and replaced with PB rebco's and the fronts I replaces with Berkley??? or
>something like that(guarnteed not to squeak).  The fronts I got from the
>previous owner when I bought the car several months ago. Only one side
>squeaks, the drivers front side so I can really hear it.  The stopping is
>good and better than when I bought the car but it is annoying as all hell.
>It seems to squeak most the time but not all the time and more at slower
>speeds.  The rotors are stock at 140k and all have about equal wear.  I
>used the blue brake pad adhesive on all four sides and have redone this
>side and it still squeaks.  So if you have any good quick/easy solutions
>that may have worked for you please drop me a line.  I would really
>appreciate it.
>chad frederick
>86 4kcs Q

Stock Audi pads come with a thin smooshy-pad that supposedly prevents this.
I believe it can be ordered/bought seperately; I've installed Audi pads
before and they didn't come with the smooshy-things, so I guess the only
way you _can_ get it is by ordering it seperately.  I think the Bently says
something about it.  Might only be a 5000 thing, though.


Brett Dikeman
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