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Sounds in front suspension

The front suspension of my '91 Audi 90 2.3E (150k km) has started to
make annoying sounds. The sound is not like a 'click' but more like a
'bonnng'. Maybe the springs are moving a bit. I thought of the upper
struthouse bearings, but the sound occurs not only when turning the
wheel while parking, but also when the car goes straight ahead and I
press and release the accelerator so the car lifts up and down in the
front. There is no sound when I press and release the front fender
when the car is parked, so it will be hard to find in the garage.

The struthouse bearings should only be involved when the steering
wheel is turned, so what other thing might be responsible?
I will take a close look at the suspension tomorrow, but if somebody
could direct me to the source of the sound, I'd be thankful.

Other thing: I just replaced  the termostat. Operating  temperature is
now 90 deg C. Before it was 75 deg. I hope the mileage will be better.
Operating temperature is also reached very quickly now.


_/_/_/_/_/ pepe@z.zgs.de \_\_\_\_\_