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RE:88 80Q Locking differential randomly

Brian Link said:
	I am writing in hopes that someone can help with this weird Audi problem. 
I searched the archives and didn't find much.  My friend has a 88 80 Q and
the differential locks at random times.  Sometimes when she starts the car
other times when she stops for a light.  She says she can't unlock it with
the button rather drives up to speed to disengage it.  Usually it goes off
at 15 mph but can take as much as 30 mph to disengage.  A few months ago it
worked perfect....Any advice would be much appreciated.

This could be an easy fix.  When I had my Coupe Quattro, this problem would
show up once in a while, and it turned out to be the switch that was the
problem.  I would shoot some WD40 into the switch and that would take care of
the problem for a month or so, then i would come back.  So I pulled the
switch, took it apart and cleaned it thoughly with WD40 and a tooth brush,
making sure to get all the contacts inside the switch.  This solved the
problem 100%.

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