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RE: coupe motor

If your 4000 is a 5 cylinder car then the engine will fit fine you just
have to remove the pilot bearing from the crankshaft for the torque
converter to fit.
Jim Dupree

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> Hi listers,
> This is Richard, again!!!  We were cruising around near some local
> junkyards and came across one that had an Audi coupe in it.  Of
> course,
> as many you know, I am in need of a motor for an Audi 4000. ('84).  We
> are not sure of the year because we did not stop.  We called the
> junkyard
> to ask if the car had a motor.  The guy said it did, but it was a
> stick
> shift. My car is a automatic.  So here are the questions.  Would a
> coupe
> motor fit in an Audi 4000?  The car at the junkyard is an early one.
> I'm
> thinking mid 80's.  But, I'm not real sure. Also, this question has
> probably been asked before, but I need to ask it.  How hard is it to
> convert a stick shift motor to an automatic? The motor costs $150.  It
> seems like a good deal.  We are going to look at it in the next couple
> of
> days to see what it looks like.  But the guy says it is good.  Well,
> those are my questions, so any info will be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks
> again!
> Richard
> '84 Audi 4000
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