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RE:30 days in the hole [was: I ate a sandwich in a car in the UK]

>Anyone driving a vehicle who diverts 1% of their attention away from
>that task - bearing in mind the consequences of their inattention -
>deserves everything the law can throw at them.  This isn't a "personal
>freedom" issue - the family coming the other way has rights, too.
>You want to take risks?  Go on a track day.  Go mountaineering (though
>even there it's largely a team activity).  Go hang-gliding.
> Phil Payne

Interesting comment there Phil, Considering your public admission of drinking
and driving and for want of a better term your continued Street Racing.  I
more than positive that you divert more than 1% of your attention from the
task at hand, and I guarantee that after a pint or two your giving up more
than 1% of your attention just to the beer.

So Phil where should we start?  Which law should we throw at you first?  You
ready to give up your license and your beloved MB?