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Re: Sounds in front suspension

Peter Plangger wrote:
> Pablo,
> thank you very much for your response. What I have done up to now is:
> - check the upper strut bearings. They have play. But new ones also
> have, I checked at my Audi dealer.
> - take off the rods connecting the anti-rollbar to the strut housing
> and test-drove with anti-rollbar tied up. Sound was still there.
> - check the shock cartridge cap you are talking about. It's tight. I
> once had one come loose an my former Audi and the sound was more like
> 'clack clack' not like 'bonnng' :-)).
> - check the control arm bushings. They were replaced 4 months ago and
> are still tight.
> After all I haven't found the source yet. The sound seems to occur on
> both sides, but more often and louder on the right.
> Peter
Next stop would be to check subframe bushings and specially the large
bolts tightening the sub-frame to the frame. Some people have reported
elongation of the hole in the frame allowing some play to the sub-frame
bolt depending on force of traction, turning or breaking. Quick fix,
welding a healthy size/thickness washer, to provide a firm fixed hold
for the sub-frame bolt...Check it out