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New Car On The Block (Zero Audi Content)

What a surprise it was for me to be driving around San Diego this weekend
in my CGT and seeing a new car dealership setting up shop in Mission
Valley.  But this one was quite different:  Daewoo!  Yep, those Hyndai
wanna-be's are making a stab at the U.S. market, I'm guessing for the
1999 model year.  From what I've read in foreign car magazines, (I used
to work at a Barnes & Nobles),  Daewoo isn't all that impressive.  I
guess they'll give the Kia crowd a run for their money.  Either that, or
Daewoo will be offering some type of SUV to the masses, built by Ssang
Yong(?).  I'm no marketing wiz or trade analyst, just a guy who likes
cars, preferrably of the German-type.  Does anyone else know more on the
subject of Daewoo?