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Wheel's & Tank's


I've got a few questions for you people who know everything Audi.  I own
a Coupe GT, as you all may know, and was wondering which parts off other
cars will fit on my car.  I found out the hard way that the rims on the
CGT have a different off-set than that of the `81-84 coupe's.  So here's
the first question:  Besides the 5000 and 4000's from `85 to `87, what
rims off which cars will fit on the CGT's?  I keep hearing references to
Saab and Ford.  Which models, the 900's and Mustangs?  And here's my
other question:  Will the 26 gallon gas tank from any model 4000q fit in
the CGT?  If so, what kind of modifications would I be looking at, if
any?  Would there be any fuel pump problems?  Fuel guage sender mishaps? 
>From all the driving I do, that extra 10 gallons would come in handy. 
Has anyone ever done this before?  Thanks to all of you guys in advance!

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,


`86 CGT (My Baby!)
`82 Coupe (R.I.P.)