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85 UrQ grill wanted.... and my consolidated response to various threads

Hi all!

First, I'm looking for a US-spec 85 UrQ grill and headlight assembly. 
Since I have the wrong H4 lights and grill anyway, I've decided to go
back to stock and use 4 OEM (US) size Hella H-4's. No, I'm not planning
on selling my Euro's... 

And, in response to the various threads:

SAAB wheels: Be careful.  99's and 900's used 4x4.5 bolt pattern until
1987.  Only '88-93 900's and 9000's are 4x108.  '94+ 900's uses a
completely different rim (5x110).

License plates: Frankly, I want my plates to be as un-memorable as
possible. I'd really like a combination of O's and "zeros" and I's and
"ones" with irregular spacing, but most states disallow it for the very
reason I find it desirable. Plus, it would confuse the heck out of
people trying to figure it out. ;-)

Personal Liberties (aka "Gun Thread"): Having been previously criticised
for participating in the past, I won't now.  Everyone probably knows
where I stand anyway, so I'll just go and quietly clean my SKS...

Religion and Abortion.... even I won't touch that one in mixed company!

Importing a car from Canada: Thanks for all the responses. I now have a

Completely unrelated: I have just come into possession of a 1965 Dodge
Polara Convertible. BIG. Dry storage for 20+ years; 383 not started in
10.  Rust in rear quarters and trunk, but everything else is pretty
solid. Needs complete restoration.  Anybody been just dying for
something like this? (at a grand or so?)

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI