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Re: Alcohol Content was Re: Castle Combe grp B car club and audi q track day (long)

<<In the US the Alcohol Content is usually NOT written on beer. I was 
told (source not 100% reliable) that the reason is that beer is most 
accessible alcohol (in many States it is the only Alcohol one can buy 
outside of Liquor store) and the Government doesn't want consumers to make 
choice of beer in the supermarket by simply picking up the highest 
Alcohol content brew. >>

I've heard this as well. Further, I've been told the _definitions_ of the
products' names dictate the alcohol content.  Something like "light
beer" up to 3%, "beer" up to 5%, and "malt liquor" above that.

I'd noted that Carlsberg Elephant is sold as "malt liquor", but
is the same basic brew as offered elsewhere.  Surprisingly, the
last one I picked up _did_ have the alcoholic content listed, 
as do all the "new breed" of malt products (mostly lemon-based...
like "One-eyed Jack" and cider-based stuff). Not sure where "Zima"
fits in... and don't really care....

My needs are simple... a little Guinness, a lot of single-malt scotch
(Glenmorangie 12-yr-old sherry finished preferred), and the occasional
oddity (Harps, Elephant, WI micro-brew, etc.)

Great thing about living in WI: beer of some sort is served 
at almost every community event. The rest are BYOB.
We have 2 kegs and a wide variety of bottled beer and wine...
in our cafeteria here at work!

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI